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Be a "Kidwatcher"

Cohen Children’s Medical Center offers a special four hour program to help teenagers learn to become responsible babysitters.

Pediatric nurses will teach you: 

  • Basic First Aid Tips
  • Baby Care
  • What to do in an Emergency
  • Safety for Children of all Ages.

Classes held at:

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What to Bring


We supply hospital gowns and diapers. However, many children prefer to wear their own clothing.
Bring a few favorite items, if you’d like, along with shoes and slippers.

When your child is ready to be discharged, please bring clothes for him or her to wear home.


If your child has a favorite pillow or blanket, bring them along. For health reasons, children must not share these items.

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Televisions & Phones

Television service is provided free of charge. In addition, each bedside is equipped with a video game console. Various games are available from our Child Life Department and at the nursing station. The consoles are able to play DVDs so you may bring your child’s favorite movies from home to watch at the bedside.

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Patient Satisfaction Survey

The staff at Cohen Children’s Medical Center takes great pride in providing an exceptional patient and family experience. You may receive a survey in the mail. Please take the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is vitally important to us and will help us acknowledge anyone you highlight in the survey as well as improve in any areas.

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At Cohen Children's Medical Center we understand the importance of making your child's stay as stress-free as possible. To help meet the various developmental needs of our pediatric patients and their families and to offer a place to play or just hang-out, each inpatient unit has a playroom or dayroom. These rooms are filled with familiar items such as board games, toys, movies, books, art and craft activities, computers and video games that help create a calming environment for patients and families.

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