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Leading the Way in Pediatric Rheumatology

Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center of New York is the site of an internationally known Pediatric Rheumatology Division. Our pediatric rheumatology division was the first and continues to be the largest program on Long Island providing comprehensive services to children with childhood rheumatic diseases.

Rheumatic diseases are typically characterized by symptoms involving the musculoskeletal system. Many of the rheumatic diseases also feature immune system abnormalities. Because pediatric rheumatic diseases differ significantly from these diseases in adults, optimal care of children with rheumatic disease requires unique developmental, educational and nutritional considerations. It is important that children be cared for by pediatric specialists who understand these differences. At Cohen Children's Medical Center, our pediatric rheumatology division incorporates a coordinated multidisciplinary team approach to your child’s care, which includes vital input from physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics and ophthalmology. Our pediatric rheumatologists will treat your child with compassion and care while providing state-of-the-art immunodiagnostic testing, physical and occupational therapy and psychosocial and nutritional services.

Pediatric rheumatology is a subspecialty of internal medicine that involves the non-surgical evaluation and treatment of childhood rheumatologic disorders and conditions. Pediatric rheumatology is a rapidly evolving medical specialty, with advancements largely due to new scientific discoveries about the immunology of these disorders.

Pediatric rheumatologists efficiently use the tools and tests to diagnose children and adolescents, allowing them to select the most appropriate therapies. Pediatric rheumotologists monitor long term therapy for effectiveness and side effects that are unique to children and adolescents while achieving the most favorable outcomes in the disease and in the prevention of disability.

At Cohen Children's Medical Center, our pediatric rheumatology division strives to make your child's patient experience as pleasant as possible.

When coming in for your scheduled evaluation, a pediatric rheumatologist will complete a comprehensive history which includes both the current problem and your child’s past medical history. Your family history is also discussed and your child is then examined with special attention to those systems that may be affected by rheumatologic disease. Once the exam is completed, your pediatric rheumatologist will then carefully discuss the findings and any treatment with your child and let you know if further evaluation is necessary.

Make an Appointment with our Pediatric Rheumatology Division:
Cohen Children’s Medical Center makes it easy for you to take the first steps in ensuring your child receives world-class pediatric rheumatologic care. Simply click the request an appointment button and set up an appointment with our caring and dedicated health professionals, or call 516-472-3700.

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