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Leading the Way in Pediatric Epilepsy

The Pediatric Epilepsy Division at Cohen Children's Medical Center provides comprehensive care for children diagnosed with Epilepsy and Childhood Seizures. Our specialists are all board certified pediatric neurologists and are focused on providing the most effective treatments in a caring atmosphere. We offer state-of-the-science epilepsy management and a better quality of life for your child.

Pediatric Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder in children. It is simply defined as two or more unprovoked seizures. Childhood Seizures are caused by excessive and abnormal electrical activity in the brain. For many types of epilepsy there is no known cause. Other types of epilepsy maybe related to a malformations of the brain or brain damage from a previous infection or hemorrhage. Provoked causes include low blood sugar levels, acute infections such as meningitis or encephalitis, the toxic effects from medications and chemicals or environmental exposure. Not all seizures require medication. However, medications are available that may help to control or eliminate the seizures. Dietary and surgical options may be available as adjunctive therapy.

Pediatric Epilepsy can attack different parts of the brain, so the symptoms may appear vastly different from one child to another. Seizures can appear throughout the whole body with violent shaking and stiffness, or can be as simple as rapid blinking or a slight twitching of a single muscle group. After the seizure, your child may be drowsy, weak or lethargic, or may bounce back to their normal selves with no noticeable effects.

Most of the time, no one knows that a child has epilepsy until the first seizure occurs. If your child has a seizure 911 should be called. At Cohen Children’s Medical Center emergency room, your child will be thoroughly evaluated. Depending on the outcome of the evaluation, your child may be discharged home for further outpatient testing and neurological evaluation or if necessary admitted to the hospital for observation, testing and treatment.and diagnosis.

Once your child has been diagnosed with epilepsy or other seizure disorder, a treatment plan will be put in place. This can include medications to abort or prevent seizures, a specialty diet or surgery. A plan will also be discussed on how to handle the next seizure. We recommend that this plan be shared with your child’s school and/or day care provider, so that specific steps are followed for each possible recurrence. Your child’s safety is our utmost concern.

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Cohen Children’s Medical Center makes it easy for you to take the first steps in ensuring your child receives world-class pediatric epilepsy care. Simply click the request an appointment button and set up an appointment with our caring and dedicated health professionals, or call 516-465-5255.

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