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Cohen Children's Medical Center Named "Hospital of the Month"

Cohen Children's Medical Center Named "Hospital of the Month"

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NEW HYDE PARK, NY -- Cohen Children’s Medical Center’s work toward improving patient safety has earned it the “Hospital of the Month” designation for June 2015 by the Children’s Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety.

            Cohen’s “Commit to Zero” campaign has made significant progress toward eliminating hospital acquired conditions by adhering to reliable procedures that have been demonstrated to prevent harm. The areas of recognition include reducing harm to children caused by catheter-associated urinary tract infections, surgical site infections, central line infections, ventilator associated pneumonias and pressure ulcers.

             Also, Cohen’s has been a significant contributor in helping other hospitals eliminate harm.

            There are more than 80 children’s hospitals that are members of the Solutions for Patient Safety sharing the vision that no child will ever experience serious harm while receiving care. Members are focused on eliminating hospital acquired conditions (HACs) in a number of areas by putting in place multidisciplinary teams that identify causes of harm and take measures to prevent them. As part of the group, Cohen’s has been significant contributors in helping other hospitals eliminate harm.

            “We are proud to be recognized by the Children’s Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety for our efforts in eliminating unintended harm that occurs in the course of patient treatment,” said Andrew Steele, MD, chief medical officer at Cohen’s.  “This recognition would not have been possible without the extraordinary commitment and teamwork of all the care providers and employees at Cohen Children’s Medical Center.

            “Importantly,” he added, “we view our selection as the Hospital of the Month as a reminder that our mutual efforts at CCMC and at other Children’s Hospital is not about us, but about the patients and families who expect and deserve safe care and optimal outcomes.”

            Cohen Children’s Medical center has been a participant in this collaborative since 2012 and actively participates in many of its initiatives. This network has recently published the results of the complete network on its website.

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