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Urgi After Hours and Urgent Treatment

The Urgi Center at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York provides after-hours urgent pediatric care for your child’s urgent medical needs. We treat kids with fevers, ear infections, flu, skin rashes, asthma, dehydration and many other urgent medical needs.

The Urgi Center offers on site X-rays and laboratory testing for quick diagnoses and treats other minor medical emergencies such as:

Ear Infections - Typically treated with antibiotics, although some ear infections may get better on their own. Unfortunately, ear infections are becoming more difficult to treat as the bacteria that cause ear infections is becoming resistant to antibiotics. Resistance is most likely in younger children, especially if they have recently been on antibiotics, or they are in day care and have been exposed to other children that have been on antibiotics.

Asthma - A disease of the respiratory system, asthma causes swelling and narrowing of the airways. A persistent night-time cough is one common sign of pediatric asthma, even in children without other symptoms. There are two basic kinds of medication for the treatment of asthma: long-term control medications and quick relief or "rescue" medications. Although these are the same medications used to treat adults, there are different inhalers and dosages especially for children. In fact, children often use a nebulizer to take their medicine rather than an inhaler, because it can be difficult for them to use an inhaler properly. A child who is having a severe asthma attack should be immediately seen by a doctor.

Vomiting and Diarrhea - If your child vomits or has diarrhea, it may be because of a stomach virus or stomach flu. Stomach flu typically causes vomiting, often followed by diarrhea. However, the diarrhea may be delayed for eight to 12 hours or even longer. Sometimes, only vomiting occurs and there is no diarrhea. Other times, vomiting and diarrhea occur because the child ate too much of a certain type of food. An infant's digestive system cannot always handle large amounts of juice, fruit, or even milk. Regardless of the cause, infants and young children need special attention when they vomit or have diarrhea because they can quickly become dehydrated. This is especially true for infants younger than 1 year old.

Dehydration Requiring Intravenous Fluids - in children with dehydration, the most common underlying problem actually is volume depletion, not dehydration.


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