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Leading the Way in Pediatric Trauma and Head Injury Care

The Regional Pediatric Trauma Center at Cohen Children's Medical Center was established in 1996 to meet the needs of critically injured children in our communities. The New York State Department of Health designated the center the first regional pediatric trauma center in the entire downstate/Long Island region. It is one of only three such centers in all of New York State to receive this designation. We consider this a sacred trust, and remain dedicated to setting the standard for pediatric trauma care in New York.

Trauma is the most common cause of injury in the United States pediatric population. Caring for an injured child requires special knowledge, precise management, a gentle touch and the highest level of compassion. Our trauma teams--responsible for the outstanding care of our pediatric trauma patients--include a world-class staff of pediatricians, pediatric emergency room clinicians, nurses and trauma surgeons, who specialize in modern, state-of-the-art trauma care.

Many injured children are transported to our regional pediatric trauma center after having been initially stabilized at a local community hospital. Cohen Children's Medical Center, with the cooperation of our Center for Emergency Medical Services, operates a fleet of modern, specially-equipped ambulances that transport injured children from other hospitals to Cohen Children’s Medical Center when specialized care is necessary. Critical care nurses and paramedics continue stabilization of the patient between facilities.

About Pediatric Head Trauma
Pediatric head trauma is a prevalent injury in children. One child in ten will sustain a significant head injury, whether from falling off a bed or changing table or as a result of an accident. Pediatric head trauma injuries in infants, toddlers and older children include: scalp trauma, such as a cut, scrape, bruise or swelling; skull trauma, such as fractures; concussions, which are defined as a brief period of confusion or loss of memory; and brain trauma, which is generally recognized when a child is hard to wake up, indicates confused thinking or slurred speech and experiences a weakness in the arms or exhibits unsteady walking patterns.

Call 911 immediately if you think your child has a serious pediatric head trauma injury, especially if they are less than one year of age.

The Pediatric Trauma Center proudly partners with New York State’s Safe Kids Coalition. Safe Kids is dedicated to injury prevention and improving care for injured children, and provides educational initiatives that help make New York a safer place for kids.

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