Treating Pediatric Sleep Disorders in Children

A child with a suspected pediatric sleep disorder can receive an outpatient evaluation at the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. The patient’s primary care provider and parents are asked to provide the child's medical history and explain their concerns regarding his or her sleep problems.

The evaluation is conducted by a team comprised of a physician with expertise in pediatric sleep medicine and a clinical nurse specialist. After reviewing the patient’s history, a comprehensive physical examination is performed and a diagnostic plan is created. Directed by a board certified sleep medicine specialist, experts in critical care, pulmonary, cardiology, neurology and otolaryngology serve as consultants for all of the patients seen in the pediatric sleep medicine program. After the initial outpatient visit, your child may be scheduled to receive an overnight sleep study, also known as a polysomnogram.

Performed by technicians trained to evaluate pediatric sleep, polysomnograms use equipment specifically designed for children. Our private sleep study patient rooms include the latest computerized equipment to gather test data and analyze events. Each room contains video and infrared monitoring equipment to allow direct patient observation during testing. Monitoring includes some or all of the following: 

  • EEG brain waves - sensors placed on the head
  • Heart beat - sensors placed on the chest
  • Eye movements - sensors placed on the skin near the eyes
  • Leg movements - sensors placed on the lower leg
  • Breathing - sensors placed under the nose or near the mouth
  • Breathing effort and chest movement - small stretchy belts placed around the chest and stomach
  • Oxygen levels - adhesive strip type sensor attached to the finger
  • Carbon dioxide levels - sensor placed under the nose or near the mouth


On the night of your child’s study, you and your child will spend the night in one of our private, comfortable, quiet sleep study rooms in the North Shore LIJ Sleep Laboratory, located at 155 Community Drive, Great Neck, NY. The sleep center staff analyzes the data and a board certified sleep medicine physician interprets the polysomnogram . Based upon the results of these evaluations, a treatment plan is developed and then discussed with the family and the referring physician (pediatrician, ENT, pulmonologist, etc.).

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