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What We Treat


Pediatric Health Care Treatments

The Division of Adolescent Medicine at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York provides outstanding inpatient, ambulatory and satellite programs with pediatric health care treatments tailored to the unique medical and developmental needs of teenagers and young adults.

Adolescent General Health Care:
Adolescent medicine physicians, nurses, nutritionists and social workers are available to provide the highest quality general care and pediatric health care treatment for your children, ages 12 to 21. From well-visits and physical examinations to acute care for chronic illnesses, we are dedicated to the everyday health and wellness of our young people.

Adolescent Eating Disorders/Weight Management:
Recognized for our special emphasis in the care of children's eating disorders and weight management for children, our nationally recognized Eating Disorders Program has been designated a New York State Comprehensive Center for Eating Disorders. It is the only adolescent eating disorder program in the New York metropolitan area with inpatient, outpatient and day programs.

Our specially trained adolescent and pediatric health care specialists include psychiatrists, physicians, nurses, psychologists, social workers and nutritionists. The goals of our program for children's eating disorders and weight management for children are to provide the healthiest, most positive outcome for your child with the minimal amount of stress and the utmost care and concern.

Adolescent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
Caring, comprehensive medical and psychosocial evaluation and management is provided to children and adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome, and pediatric health care treatments are provided as needed.

Adolescent Gynecology:
Sometime during their teen or adolescent years, girls will have their first pediatric gynecology exam. The adolescent health care doctors at Cohen Children’s Medical Center treat your daughter with the sensitivity and kindness necessary for such a personal exam. Each and every step of the exam is discussed and explored to make your daughter as comfortable as possible before any part of the examination is executed. We encourage both parents and kids to ask questions about the pediatric gynecology exam.

Adolescent Deaf Health Services:
Primary care and specialized services are available to help teens and adolescents with hearing loss or impairment. Our pediatric health care team is able to communicate effectively with children who have special communication needs and will provide all the appropriate pediatric health care treatments that are necessary.

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