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Welcome to the Division of Adolescent Medicine at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. Our staff is specially trained in adolescent health care and medicine, and we understand the psychological and physiological changes your adolescent child is going through. We're here to help both you and your child through this important developmental stage.

Adolescent medicine is a specialized area of pediatric health care that addresses the wide-ranging physical and emotional issues of adolescents as they move through the challenging stages of their pre-teen, teenage and young adult years of development. These dramatic changes create a special need for pediatric health care physicians with specific adolescent medicine training as well as adolescent-focused health research. Adolescent medicine specialists are trained to deal with varied areas such as developing sexuality, dermatology, sports medicine, psychology, gynecology, orthopedic issues, psychosocial issues, substance abuse and nutritional disorders.

The Division of Adolescent Medicine serves a wide range of pediatric health care conditions in a sophisticated 18-bed adolescent inpatient unit and a state-of-the-art outpatient center and clinic. The division is large and well-established, and has developed a national reputation for clinical and academic pediatric health care excellence, with special emphasis on the treatment of nutritional disorders in adolescents. Our state-recognized Eating Disorders Program opened a day program in 1995, along with several school programs on Long Island and New York City.

Make an appointment to meet our four adolescent and pediatric health care doctors, Dr. Weiselberg, Dr. Feinstein, Dr. Carmine and Dr. Fisher. Their caring approach to treating young patients helps build a lasting rapport. For adolescent children who have special communication needs, Dr. Weiselberg can speak using American Sign Language. For Spanish speaking families, Dr. Fisher is fluent in Spanish.

Our adolescent health care professionals not only care for your child in our offices, but they also reach out to the community through school-based programs that help teach nutrition, general health and other topics teens needs to know about. Additionally, our school based programs help bring important health information to families who do not have access to proper pediatric health care.

Make an Appointment with our Adolescent Medicine Division:
Cohen Children’s Medical Center makes it easy for you to take the first steps in ensuring your adolescent receives world-class pediatric health care from specialists in adolescent medicine. Simply click the request an appointment button and set up an appointment with our caring and dedicated health professionals, or call 516-465-3270.

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