Q. Is the blood in my child’s urine a sign of cancer?

A. Sometime, hematuria, or blood in the urine, is a sign of a serious problem. However, other times, it is not serious and requires no treatment. An evaluation is needed to determine the cause.

Q. Will my child’s condition require a transplant?

A. Chronic kidney disease requiring dialysis or transplant is rare in children and most conditions can be treated.

Q. What is proteinuria?

A. The leaking of protein into the urine means that while the kidney can filter waste products normally, it cannot hold onto protein normally. This condition often goes away without treatment. If it persists it can indicate kidney disease.

Q. When will my child’s bedwetting stop?

A. While most children are dry at night by the age of five, for some children it may take longer. They usually respond well to behavioral modification programs.

Q. Is high blood pressure a problem in children?

A. While high blood pressure was once considered rare in children, it is becoming more common with the obesity epidemic. Weight loss programs can lead to normalization of the blood pressure without needing medications

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