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What We Treat


Treating Pediatric Emergencies

The Pediatric Emergency Division at Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children’s Medical Center provides treatment for medical, surgical and traumatic injuries. The nurses and physicians within the division of pediatric emergency medicine have gone through extensive pediatric emergency specific training to deal with injuries and illness that are from across the various medical disciplines and specialty departments. We have the experience to specifically treat children who are hurt, sick, upset, scared, and anxious.

Most of the time patients are seen for treatment almost immediately after arriving, with little to no wait time necessary. Although there are times of the day or days of the week that tend to be busier. During those times or days, your child is evaluated by an intake and triage nurse which will determine the order you child should be seen in. When we are busy, the most critical cases are seen first. Your child will still receive excellent care and their wait will not affect their medical condition.

If it is necessary to admit your child to the hospital, our staff will arrange for transportation to the proper division and will communicate your child’s medical condition to the staff there. Once you child arrives at the specified department, the medical team there will care for your child’s needs.

Your pediatrician will be notified of your child's visit and any follow up recommendations if necessary. If your child’s follow up requires a specialist, we will make the proper referrals for you.

The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine is open 24 hours a day - 7 days a week and is always staffed with wonderful professionals to provide outstanding emergency medical treatment for your child. Please bring with you a list of medications you child has taken, both prescription and over the counter, and a list of medical allergies if present. These can help us tremendously when treating your child and avoid possible accidental interactions with medications.

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