All patients are met by a medical professional to determine the severity of illness. In many cases, patients are brought directly in to the treatment area where they are met by a medical team consisting of a primary care nurse, pediatric or emergency medicine resident, pediatric emergency medicine fellow and a pediatric emergency medicine attending.

Our nurses will:

  • take a brief medical history
  • check vital signs
  • use a pulse oximeter to assess the patient’s severity of illness

Our doctors will:

  • order the necessary tests
  • determine a course of treatment

A "quick registration" is done either in the patient care area or in the waiting area. We will ask for:

  • your child’s name
  • date of birth
  • social security number
  • a parent’s photo ID
  • a signed consent form for treatment

The registrar will give your child an ID wristband. A complete registration will be completed during his or her stay in the emergency department.

Patients who are not brought directly to the treatment area will be asked to remain in the waiting area until called in to the triage booth or patient care area.

If your child is admitted, the nurses and doctors on the in-patient unit will be notified of your child's medical condition and transported to the in-patient unit. If your child is discharged, your child’s pediatrician will be contacted by the emergency department physician and you will be asked to sign discharge instructions and return to the registrar one last time to complete the exit process.

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