Family-based Group Treatment for Children with ADHD and Their Parents

The ADHD Group Treatment Program consists of weekly groups for parents and children. Parents meet in a group to collaborate with one another and enhance parenting skills. Children meet with their peers to learn the tools and skills necessary to improve their social skills and their well-being. Families are brought together for the last portion of the group to work on a task or review key concepts.

Parent Group

  • Increases parental knowledge concerning ADHD and other disorders
  • Increases compliant behavior and decreases defiant behavior by your child
  • Promotes empathic, effective methods of discipline
  • Improves communication between you and your child
  • Helps parents to help children navigate social situations
  • Enhances collaboration skills with teachers and the educational system
  • Provides a group setting where parents can receive support from peers

Children’s Group

  • Increases child’s awareness of and sensitivity to his/her impact upon peers
  • Improves social skills within a group format
  • Provides training in anger management, conflict resolution and problem-solving
  • Helps children learn skills to cope when feeling anxious, sad or frustrated.
  • Provides a fun atmosphere where children can enjoy being with peers who can relate to them
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