Developmental evaluations generally consist of two visits. Prior to scheduling an evaluation, you will be given an application to complete, which includes questions regarding your concerns as well as the child’s developmental, educational and medical histories. This information is reviewed prior to the initial visit.

At the first visit, information in the application is reviewed, you and your child are interviewed, and concerns are discussed in further detail. Reports of previous educational or developmental testing will be reviewed. Often the assessment involves observations of the child’s behavior, play and interactions with your family. Developmental testing will be performed, as indicated, to assess the child’s current levels of functioning. Physical and neurological examinations may be done and you may be given questionnaires for your child and his/her teachers to complete and return at the next appointment.

At the second visit, additional information is reviewed (including feedback from teachers and caregivers); further testing and/or a physical and neurological examination may be performed.

The findings of the initial evaluation and recommendations for further testing and/or treatment are generally explained at the second visit.

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