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Child Neurology Treatments

Pediatric neurologists combine their specialized knowledge and skills in the diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders (brain, spinal cord, muscles, nerves) with an understanding of childhood medical disorders and the special needs of the child and his or her family and environment. Pediatric neurologists work as a team with pediatricians and primary care doctors to provide effective child neurology treatments. Additionally, specialists in pediatric neurology may work with other pediatric specialists to provide appropriate care for children with seizure disorders and other more complex medical issues.

The Division of Pediatric Neurology at Cohen Children’s Medical Center provides advanced child neurology treatments for many types of childhood neurological disorders:

  • Children with epilepsy/seizures disorders– Are associated with a temporary disturbance of the brain’s electrical system.Our skilled pediatric neurologists will provide the latest treatments in child neurology for children with seizure disorders (epilepsy).
  • Children with headaches–Signs associated with children’s headaches are pain and symptoms such as visual disturbances, vomiting associated with tension, migraine and other headaches.
  • Children’sbrain and spinal cord tumors– Are caused by abnormal growth of cells in the central nervous system.
  • Tourette’s syndrome in children - An inherited neuropsychiatric disorder that usually occurs with the onset of childhood. Tourette’s syndrome in children is part of a spectrum of tic disorders which includes transient and chronic tics.Our trained pediatric neurologists provide cutting-edge child neurology treatments for children with Tourette's syndrome.
  • Hydrocephalus in children- A common neurological disease, also known as "water on the brain," is the result of excessive buildup of hydrocephalus fluid in the brain that can occur after premature birth or trauma or from a congenital anomaly.
  • Vertigo in Children- Diagnosis of children with vertigo is more common than previously thought. However, only a small fraction of affected children will meet a physician. Most childhood vertigo is self-limiting, and the cause of the vertigo can usually be identified with proper evaluation by a specialist on our pediatric neurology team.
  • Metabolic and brain diseases in children- There are more than a thousand genetic disorders that lead to abnormalities of brain structure and function that have now been identified and can be properly evaluated, diagnosed and taken care of with childhood neurology treatments at our pediatric neurology division.
  • Children with Autism -This spectrum of neurological disorders, which includes PDD (pervasive developmental delays), usually appears during the first three years of a child’s life and interferes with personal social interactions and communication. Our experienced pediatric neurologists provide state-of-the-science child neurology treatments for children with autism.

What to Expect:

A thorough history and physical is completed at the initial visit. A report is sent to your referring physician. Based upon the outcome of that evaluation, further testing such as blood work and urine testing for metabolic and genetic abnormalities may be requested. Imaging studies such as ultrasound, CT scan and MRI are ordered as needed. EEG (electroencephalograms) may be advised as a routine outpatient study or a more prolonged ambulatory or even inpatient Video EEG monitoring. Follow-up visits may be required.

Make an Appointment with our Pediatric and Child Neurology Division:
Cohen Children’s Medical Center makes it easy for you to take the first steps in ensuring your child receives world-class child neurology treatments.Simply click the request an appointment button and set up an appointment with our caring and dedicated pediatric neurologists, or call 516-465-5255.

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