A Special Day for Cancer Survivor Zoe

Pediatric Cancer Survivor - Zoe
My name is Zoe Bonowitz and I'm 12 years old. When I was just 3 I was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor (kidney cancer). I spent one entire year in the children's hospital receiving treatment, but it was a year me and my family will never forget.

I can never remember all the details, so my mom and dad often remind me of the stuff that went on, but when we went to the Survivor's Day Picnic on September 23, it was like I was in the hospital all over again, without all the treatment, and a lot more casual clothing. 

I got to spend the day with all the wonderful people who cared for me, just to make sure that I survived the terrible disease I had been diagnosed with. From the moment I walked under the tent people were hugging and kissing me and my mom, everyone was so happy to see all of the survivors. I got to meet the people who support the necklace making project for the hospital. That was exciting, because I wear that necklace every time I have a doctors appointment, its one of my favorite reminders of all the things I've done in the hospital.

I got to see Faye and Sarah, the Child Life Specialists that made me happy all the time I was there, while my mom and dad took care of all the rest of the important business. I got to see my two favorite Social Worker, Richard and Nancy. They are so much fun, and they love me so much, I can tell because they tell me all the time. I saw some of the nurses I have not seen since I was 4 years old, Nan who always reminded me not to give up, and Carly who made pictures on my pillow cases when I was in transplant. I still have those pillow cases. She is one of my inspirations when it came to me wanting to be an artist. I was in the hospital when she got married, I remember the great pictures she showed us.

The best part of the day was getting to see all my old 'cancer' friends. I got to see Molly Guarton, my 'sister' from the hospital. I never had a sister and neither does Molly, so we were treatment sisters in the hospital. Apparently, according to our mothers, we fought like sisters too, but that's ok, we love each other now. She won the raffle that I wanted to win and she opened the basket right up and shared all her stuff with me. You don't get better friends then that. I also got to see my other Mollly, Molly Prep, she was like my big sister, but more like my baby sitter when I was in treatment. I was always so afraid of getting my finger stick, but Molly always always always, held my hand and calmed me down and somehow the pain always went away. I really missed her, it was awesome to see her. I always ran into David Persaud, and that was great, because David had the same kind of cancer that I did, but he was just a little baby, and it was great to know that he's doing well. David and I got to meet Mark Herzlich (NY Giants LB) he was awesome, and huge, but he signed the football that I drew and took an great picture with me. That was lots of fun.

A ll in all it was an awesome day, the food was great, the ice cream was yummy, I got my face painted, took lots of photo booth pictures with my friends and had a smile on my face all day long. I can't wait to do it again next year. I want to thank everyone who made this day possible for me and my family.

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