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What to Expect


We will evaluate your child and create a plan aimed at achieving maximum control of your child's asthma. Our team also includes pediatric nurse specialists, social workers, nutritionists, pharmacists and respiratory therapists all from the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center. These specialists will help you, and your child, achieve and maintain a successful asthma management plan.

Our nurse specialists work with you and your child to help you maintain your child's treatment plan and identify triggers of your child's asthma. Together we can effectively monitor and maintain maximum control of your child's asthma.

You are a Vital Part of Your Child's Treatment

Your participation in your child's asthma management plan is vital.. Successful management is a constant balance of treatment and your child's response to that treatment. Our staff is available 24 hours a day for emergencies, or even just a question. In fact, we encourage you to ask questions!

We Work With Your Doctor

We provide your child's pediatrician with updates on you child's treatment plan and progress. You will still need to see your pediatrician for routine medical care.
Please bring any additional information about your child, such as recent lab test results and copies of any recent chest X-rays with you. Also bring any medicines, inhalers, spacers or peak flow meters that have been prescribed for your child.


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