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What We Treat


Children’s Allergy and Immunology Treatment

The Children’s Allergy Testing and Treatment Center at Cohen Children’s Medical Center provides for the diagnosis and treatment of children with allergies and immunology disorders. It is the only center of its kind in the region, and brings together the specialized talents of Allergists, Immunologists, Pediatric Pulmonologists and Pulmonary Function Technologists.

Seasonal and perennial hay fever is generally caused by sensitivity to pollen of specific types, such as grass, pine trees, goldenrod and others--all common causes of hay fever. To diagnose these allergies, a skin test may be necessary.

Skin rashes can be a common part of a child’s growing up experience. These can be due to exposure to certain triggers like poison ivy or can be an indication of an allergy to a fabric like wool, or to the laundry detergent used. To diagnose this properly, a skin test should be performed and a treatment plan established and followed.

The Rodolitz Food Allergy Center provides comprehensive care for children with food allergies. To fully identify triggers, our staff performs skin and CAP RAST testing and double blind, controlled food challenges. This is to be sure that the proper foods are identified and the child properly treated. Similar processes are followed for possible drug allergies.

HIV Services - Children and adolescents with HIV infection and other diseases that lead to secondary, or genetically defined immune defects are evaluated and treated. Physicians, Nurse Specialists, Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers and Laboratory Technologists formulate treatment protocols for these children.

In addition to Children’s Allergy Testing and Treatments, we offer a full education and support plan for children and their families. This includes a 24 hour hotline (516-622-5070) for questions about medications and side effects.

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