Q. Should I take my usual medications before I come in?

A: Patients with allergic symptoms should not take any antihistamines 5 days prior to their visit as these medications will prevent accurate testing for allergic triggers.

Q. Will procedures be performed when I am seen by the doctor? 

A:  In most cases, yes, and they may include skin testing for allergic triggers, pulmonary function testing for asthma, and/or blood tests to determine the reason why you are having symptoms.  Patients with confirmed allergic triggers that do not respond to oral medication may need to undergo immunomodulatory therapy (allergen desensitization therapy).

Q. How do I know if there is a problem with my immune system?

A: After a careful review of the patient’s history and a complete physical exam, followed by focused blood or genetic analysis, this question will be evaluated.  Patients with multiple infections, or with an infection that fails to clear easily with an oral antibiotic, may indeed have a primary or secondary immune defect.

Q. Does asthma ever go away?

A: Asthma is usually a life-long disease that can wax and wane with environmental or other triggers.  However, there are many treatments to make it more manageable.

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