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Pre and Post Operative Care for Children with Special Needs

Surgery is never an easy thing and can be especially difficult for children with anxiety, autism or special needs. While nothing will alleviate all the stress before surgery, we have created a program to help ease some of the anxiety and create a calm experience.

Staff Education – our staff has been educated to communicate effectively and provide safe care for our patients with anxiety and special needs. Our nurses have the knowledge, skills, tools, and patience to care for these young patients.

Assessment – we take an individual approach with each patient. We assess each patient and his or her family prior to healthcare visits. These interactions help us provide appropriate care, reduce distress, improve the patient experience and provide us with the patient information we need to create an individualized care plan based on each patient’s needs.

Children preparing for surgery will be registered at the bedside and experience a warm calming environment, a vital element for treating children with special needs. Decorated with soothing colors, this calm environment encourages positive coping behaviors. It is a dedicated room that minimizes noise and lighting. This type of environment promotes feelings of well-being and
helps relieve stress, anxiety and pain.

For more information call our Pre Surgical Testing Staff at: 718-470-3044

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