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Who Will Care for Your Child


At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, we consider parents part of their child’s health care team. Your insight about your child and input about your child's care are important.

Your child’s health care team may include several doctors and staff members. Our professionals will take the time to talk with you and answer any questions you may have about your child's care. All staff should identify themselves and explain their role in your child's health care.

Attending Physicians are your child’s main doctor during a clinic visit or hospital stay. They will:

  • See your child every day
  • Lead the team in developing a treatment plan
  • Answer your questions

Nurses care for your child during their hospital stay and have the most contact with you and your child. They will:

  • Provide your child’s day-to-day care
  • Be the main contact between you and your child’s health care team
  • Teach you and your child about your child’s care

Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants coordinate your child’s care with the child’s main doctor. They will:

  • See your child every day and may examine your child
  • Consult with nurses regarding your child’s treatment plan
  • Answer your questions

Patient Care Associates and Nursing Assistants are involved in your child’s daily care. They will:

  • Take your child’s vital signs
  • Accompany your child to tests
  • Answer your questions

Case Managers are registered nurses that assess each child’s medical needs.
They will:

  • Work with insurance companies
  • Coordinate services and care with healthcare agencies

Social Workers work with parents and families. They will:

  • Help with discharge planning
  • Arrange follow-up care with community social agencies and organizations

Residents, fellows and medical students are doctors training in pediatrics. They will:

  • Have daily contact with your child
  • Give daily orders for your child’s care
  • Update the attending doctor(s) about your child's progress
  • Ask and answer your questions

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