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What to Bring



We supply hospital gowns and diapers. However, many children prefer to wear their own clothing.
Bring a few favorite items, if you’d like, along with shoes and slippers.

When your child is ready to be discharged, please bring clothes for him or her to wear home.


If your child has a favorite pillow or blanket, bring them along. For health reasons, children must not share these items.


We have nicely equipped playrooms on our units, but your child may want to bring a special, small, easily-cleaned toy (e.g., a favorite stuffed animal or doll). Mark each toy with your child’s name and please do not share these items between children.

Personal-Care Items

Please bring your child’s own toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, brush, shampoo and other personal-care items. Powder is not recommended.
Ask your child’s nurse for any needed diapers and wipes.

Health Care Needs

Remember to bring any medical equipment your child needs, such as glasses, hearing aids, braces, crutches or corrective shoes.

Pre-Admission Forms

Please bring any forms you received from your doctor or the hospital.

For surgical patients, bring any physical clearance forms from your doctor.

Insurance Information

Please bring any membership cards and any pre-admission referral forms or approval forms from your doctors, your insurance company or pediatrician.

Be sure to notify your insurance provider before coming to the hospital to be admitted, unless it is an emergency.

Your Child’s Social Security Number

Be sure to bring a copy of your child’s Social Security number with you to the hospital.

Medical Information

Please bring a list of all the medications your child is now taking, along with a schedule of how often and how much (the dosage).

Please bring up-to-date immunization records from your doctor and a list of any allergies your child has. If your child has a complicated medical history, it is helpful if you write a clear explanation of his or her condition and history.

Please DO NOT Bring:

  • Prescriptions or over-the-counter medications
  • Plug-in electrical equipment. (Battery-operated equipment is allowed.)
  • Valuables such as jewelry and watches
  • Rubber or latex balloons. (Mylar balloons are allowed.)
  • Formula or diapers (These will be provided by the hospital).

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