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Therapeutic Services


Art and Music Therapy 

Art therapists and music therapists utilize the creative process, via visual art and music interventions, to help children express feelings associated with illness and hospitalization. Working with children and families, therapists promote positive coping with individualized healthcare experiences. Their activities are focused around helping children to work through their concerns associated with illness or injury, fostering a mastery of their experience. Some of these individual and group activities may include: painting, sculpting, drawing, journaling, singing, and playing, listening or writing music. These modalities allow children to explore in a manner that allows them to comfortably communicate their thoughts related to hospitalization.


Play is an important part of children’s lives. Here at Cohen’s Children's Medical Center, children will have access to therapeutic, medical and recreational play. Therapeutic play allows children the opportunity to work through some of the challenges of their own unique experiences. They are able to gain control, express their feelings, and master their experiences. Medical play is provided to children to help them understand what they will see, hear and experience while in the hospital.Under the guidance of our staff members, children are able to rehearse and ask questions about their upcoming medical procedures, diagnostic test or surgical procedures. Child life specialists utilize teaching dolls, puppets and surgi-dolls to help child talk about their unique experiences. Recreational play provides children and families with a chance to escape from medical procedures and hospital life to just be kids and enjoy the comfort of their family and friends. They can enjoy things like reading, playing with Play-doh or painting a picture.

Activity Centers

Our activity centers are designed to meet the various developmental needs of our pediatric patients and their families. These rooms are filled with familiar items such as board games, toys, movies, books, art and craft activities, computers, and video games that help create a calming environment for patients and families. These rooms are free from medical exams and procedures, to serve as a safe space for children to come play, relax and socialize with other children. Medical procedures are restricted to our treatment rooms and medical discussions are restricted to our patient rooms. Children visiting these areas must be medically cleared prior to coming in. The Child Life Team will bring games, toys and activities to children who are not medically cleared to come to our playrooms and dayrooms. To protect our patients and visitors, all of our toys, games and supplies are cleaned according to our strict infection control policies. All of our activity centers are available seven days a week for day and some evening programming.

We also offer:

  • Horticulture Therapy
  • Pet Therapy
  • Knitting Program
  • Yoga Program
  • MeTV Program
  • Scrap-booking and Video Journal
  • Art Exhibit and Special Events

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