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Social Work


Our Social Work team consists of over 40 highly trained social workers who provide important services to children and families receiving care in our hospital. They are members of our patients' interdisciplinary care teams, and provide another layer of compassion, expertise and care.

Services provided by our social workers include:

  • Psychosocial assessment
  • Crisis intervention
  • Supportive counseling around adjustment to illness, hospitalization and/or outpatient care
  • Supportive counseling for loss/bereavement
  • Child advocacy/protection
  • Assistance accessing hospital and community resources, including healthcare and insurance coverage
  • Consultation with hospital staff and/or other community agencies

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a social worker do?
A social worker’s role, as part of the medical team, is supportive, informational and educational. We help to assess the psychosocial needs of your child and family, provide supportive counseling and connect you to the appropriate community or hospital resources. Social workers are also called upon to assess child protection concerns. Social workers can help determine what options are available to you when you miss work or your child misses school due to a medical condition.

How do I find out who my social worker is?
The social work department is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 5:00pm. There are on-call social workers available for emergencies after business hours. To find out who your social worker is, ask your child’s medical team or contact the social work department at 718-470-3124.

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