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Pre-Surgical Testing Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What is Pre-Surgical Testing?
A: Pre-Surgical Testing is the full evaluation that your child needs before receiving anesthesia/having surgery. This includes a full review of your child’s medical history, a physical exam and blood work (if ordered by the Surgeon).

Q: What else does Pre-Surgical Testing offer?
A: PST also provides the opportunity for you and your child to meet with a Child Life Specialist so that you can talk about what to expect on the day of surgery. Your child will get a chance to see the mask and hat worn in the Operating Room(OR) by the OR staff, look at pictures of the operating room on an iPad, pretend play, draw as well as ask questions about the day of surgery. If you wish to take a tour of the Operating Room area or the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) this can be arranged with Child Life as well.

If your child needs to be evaluated by an Anesthesiologist before the day of surgery this can also be done on the day of the PST visit.

Q: Why does my child need to have pre-surgical testing?
A: A full review of your child’s medical history and physical exam are absolutely necessary to make sure that your child is in the best health possible to receive anesthesia and have surgery. Pre-Surgical Testing also allows you and your child to have the opportunity to receive information, education and preparation for your child’s upcoming experience with anesthesia /surgical procedure. We strongly believe that the better informed you are the better your experience will be.

Q: Who will see my child at the Pre-Surgical testing unit?
A: Your child will be seen by a Nurse Practitioner or physician who will ask you questions about your child’s medical history and examine your child. If your child needs an Anesthesia consultation an Anesthesiologist (the doctor who gives your child medicine to fall asleep) will see your child during his/her PST appointment. If your child would benefit from meeting with a Child Life Specialist to talk about what to expect on the day of the surgery this can be done on the day of the PST visit also. Sometimes it is necessary to do blood work on your child in preparation for certain procedures. For those children who will need blood work a phlebotomist (the person who draws the blood) will be meeting you and your child as well.

Q: Who can bring my child to the Pre-Surgical Testing appointment?
A: Children under 18 years of age need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. Keep in mind that you will be asked to provide proof of identification for yourself (picture identification) on the day of your child’s PST appointment. If you are a legal guardian please bring court papers that document your legal guardianship. If your child is 18 years of age or older but is not able to consent for him/herself for medical reasons this does not provide the parent with automatic legal guardianship. This must be approved by a court of law and you will be asked to provide documentation.

Q:When should I bring my child in for pre-surgical testing?
A: We recommend that your child be seen within 21 days of the scheduled surgery/procedure. If your child is less than one year old we recommend that your child be seen within seven days of the scheduled surgery/procedure.

Q: Does my child need an appointment for pre-surgical testing?
A: Yes. Once your child’s surgery/procedure is scheduled you will be receiving a call from the Pre Surgical Testing staff to schedule a PST appointment for your child. You can also call (718) 470-3937 to schedule your child’s PST appointment.

Q: What are the hours of operation of the Pre Surgical Testing Unit?
A: Pre-Surgical Testing appointments are available between 8:00 a.m. and 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Q: Where is the Pre-Surgical Testing unit located?
A: The Pre Surgical Testing Unit is located on the main floor of Cohen Children’s Medical Center in Room 173. On the day of your child’s PST appointment you must first go to the Admitting Office in Room 112 to check in.

Q: How can I contact the PST unit?
A: Please call (718) 470-3937 if you have any questions about PST, are running late for your child’s PST appointment or need to reschedule the appointment.

Q: What is the FAX number of the PST unit?
A: If you need to FAX results of tests, immunization records or any other recent (within one year) medical information regarding your child in preparation for or after the PST visit please FAX to(718) 470-5971.

Q: What is the address of Pre Surgical Testing at Cohen Children’s Medical Center?
A: Cohen Children’s Medical Center
Pre-Surgical Testing Unit -Room 173269-01
76 th Avenue
New Hyde Park, NY 11040

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