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Preparing for Surgery


Preparing You and Your Child for Surgery

No matter what surgery your child needs at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, we think it is essential to prepare you and your child both physically and emotionally for this hospital experience. Our goal is to provide you with the information that you need to feel most prepared for the day of surgery. The following information is based on a typical surgical experience.

Pre Surgical Testing

Please refer to our Pre-Surgical Testing page for information to prepare for your child’s appointment prior to their surgery date.

Child Life Pre-Surgical Orientation

A Child Life Specialist can meet with you and your child on the day of your Pre Surgical Testing visit to talk about what to expect on the day of surgery. Through age appropriate explanation and/or play, your child will be encouraged to ask questions and express feelings in a non-threatening environment. If your child also needs blood work, the Child Life Specialist can accompany you and your child for emotional support and distraction. If you have questions about our Pre-Surgical Orientation, please call the Child Life and Creative Art Therapies Program. Please dial (718) 470-3005, and enter extension number 1. Child Life orientations are available Monday through Saturday and can be a part of your child’s Pre-Surgical Testing appointment. You can also watch Cohen Children’s Medical Center’s pre-surgical videos,

Step by Step:

Preparing for Surgery - If you are going home the same day

Preparing for Surgery – If you are staying overight after surgery

Preparing for Surgery – Just for Teens

Check out our very own coloring book, Preparing for an Operation . It is a great tool to use with your child to talk to them about coming to the hospital for surgery.

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