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Pediatric Pre-Surgical Testing


The Pre-Surgical Testing (PST) Program at Cohen Children’s Medical Center was established to:

  1. Provide the necessary pre-surgical/pre-anesthesia preparation and education for you and your child
  2. Promote your child’s safety

Once your child’s surgery is scheduled you will receive a call from a member of the PST team to schedule a pre-surgical evaluation. The Pre-Surgical Testing unit is where you and your child come so that necessary preparations for the day of surgery can be completed. On the day of the pre-surgical testing appointment your child will have a full review of his/her medical history and a physical exam. If your child’s surgeon has ordered blood work it can be conveniently done at the time of the PST appointment.

If there is a need for consultation with a Pediatric Anesthesiologist your child will have that consultation on the day of the pre-surgical testing visit. Our Anesthesiologists will:

  1. Review your child’s history
  2. Help create an Anesthesia plan of care for your child
  3. Answer your questions about the anesthesia

We understand that a hospital setting or the thought of surgery can be frightening for your child and for you. Child Life is a very important part of our pre-surgical team. A Child Life Specialist can meet with you and your child on the day of the PST visit to go over what to expect on the day of surgery. Through age appropriate active interplay and discussion your child will be encouraged to ask questions and express feelings in a non-medically threatening environment. If your child also needs blood work, the Child Life Specialist can accompany your child while the blood work is done.

If you have any questions about Pre Surgical Testing at Cohen Children’s Medical Center please call (718) 470-3937.

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