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Food and Nutritional Services

 Cafe O Kidz  

Meals for Patients

The Food and Nutrition staff at cohen Children's Medical Center takes pleasure in serving your children nutritious and appetizing meals. Food plays a very important part in your child’s recovery. We provide buffet-style meal carts entitled “Café O’Kidz” for breakfast, lunch and dinner with an assortment of freshly prepared, child-friendly foods. Your child may choose the food items they would like to eat. Parents and siblings are invited to dine from the meal cart. Please let your nurse know if your child has any special dietary requirements.

If your child is admitted during other times, a meal tray from our dietary department may be provided. Please speak with someone from the healthcare team.

Upon admission, your child's doctor will order an appropriate diet, based on his/her condition, age and medical needs. The doctor may prescribe a special meal or restricted diet. If your child is placed on a special diet, he or she may not be able to choose items from Café O’Kidz. Dietitians are available to offer guidance on the nutritional needs of your child.

Special requests, including Kosher and vegetarian diets, can also be accommodated.

Meals from Home
If you would like to bring home-cooked meals, please find out if your child has any diet restrictions. As many patients are on very specialized diets, we request you do not offer any food or drinks to any other patients. Guidelines for storage of food are posted on all refrigerators designated for family and patient use. All foods must be labeled with a name, room number and date.

The pantries on each inpatient floor are stocked with a variety of infant/baby foods and formulas as well as milk, juice and other snacks.

For Families and Siblings
Parents and siblings may avail themselves of the meal cart that is available on each floor at no charge. Coffee and tea are also available to the parents and are located in the pantry on each unit.

There are also additional locations where parents and families can dine:

  • The Au Bon Pain cafe, located near the main lobby of LIJ Medical Center, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • The New Horizons Café is located in the lower level of Cohen Children's Medical Center.  The hours are 6am to 8pm. Vending machines are available outside the cafeteria.

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