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Children's Bill of Rights


Cohen Children's Medical Center cares about the rights of our patients and families. We have developed a Bill of Rights specifically for children which serves as a guide for hospital staff and families.

What we believe children in our hospital would like all of us to know…and do:


  • Look at me and talk to me in a way I can understand
  • Knock on my door before entering and please introduce yourself
  • Be honest with me…always
  • Offer me a choice whenever possible
  • Communicate with my parents. If they feel less anxious, it will help me a lot
  • Tell me what you are going to do before you do it
  • Try to make time for play—it is an important part of my day

Please Don’t:

  • Tell me “It won’t hurt” if it will
  • Tell me “Don’t Cry”
  • Forget to listen to me when I have something to say
  • Forget that I want my favorite toy to go along with me to different places in the hospital

Remember Please:

  • Respect me by letting me show my feelings. They are part of me and I need to be allowed to express them
  • HUGS often help me feel better

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