We appreciate your interest in providing a special event for the children here at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York. We are privileged to be able to host entertainment such as individual or group music performances, select celebrity visits, magic shows, interactive children’s craft parties, and engaging educational presentations. Although our focus is to provide high quality and engaging therapeutic entertainment for our hospitalized children, Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY has strict policies that protect our patient’s privacy and well being. The following guidelines must be adhered to for all events in order to best protect our patients and enhance the event experience for patients, families, and participating donors.

  • Screening of all visiting donor groups and performers
  • Events should be entertaining, educational and/or therapeutic
  • Events should be age-appropriate, depending on the target audience. We host events for toddlers, school-age children, “tweens”, and older teens
  • Emotionally appropriate (non-violent, non-threatening)
  • Medically safe (Held in smaller groups, with low sound decibel levels.)
  • Free of religious or political messages.

Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting an application. Completion of an application does not guarantee acceptance or scheduling . Once we receive the completed application, we will notify you if your proposed event meets the criteria and fits our current calendar. We respectfully request that you contact our Special Events Coordinator no later than the 20 th of the month in order to be considered for the following month.

We sincerely thank you again for your interest in providing a special event to the children and families at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of New York.

Warmest regards,

Special Events Coordinator
Child Life and Creative Art Therapies Program


Special Event Application Form


    • All visiting groups/performers must be screened and approved in advance by the Special Events Coordinator in the CCMC of NY Child Life and Creative Art Therapies Program.
    • Visitors must have some previous successful experience entertaining and visiting with children. Send us a DVD or CD, and/or letters of recommendation with your application, this will help us determine if your planned event will work well with our patients.
    • All visitors/entertainers must be at least 14 years of age and in good health. Anyone who has experienced exposure to (or shows symptoms of) flu, rash, measles, mumps, chicken pox, diarrhea or vomiting within the two weeks prior to a scheduled visit may not visit. No one who has symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, rash, or fever will be allowed to visit.
    • Most of our performances take place in small playrooms or conference rooms where space is extremely limited. For this reason, special events for on-unit events will be asked to limit the size of the group to four volunteers.


  1. Due to the nature of the medical environment, the number of children attending an event may vary and their ability to participate may be limited. This should not determine the events success or failure. Events should be interactive and should run 30 to 45 minutes.
  2. Toys, prizes, gifts, or food items must be approved by the Child Life Department before being included in the event. No homemade or unwrapped food items, items that contain latex, latex balloons, materials that contain fire or candles, or live animals may be used with or offered to the children. Mylar balloons are ok.
  3. Since the children represent a wide variety of religious, political, and social backgrounds, content of presentations and performances must be free of religious or political messages, and must be sensitive to cultural and social issues.
  4. Events must avoid themes such as violence, death, illness, medical care, and may not include scary costumes.
  5. All photography requests for the sole purpose of fundraising, supporting a donor’s community outreach, must be cleared with the Special Events Coordinator or Director of the Child Life Department before the day of the event.
  6. Visitors/entertainers should not ask personal questions of the children’s medical condition, family situation, treatment protocol and/or prognosis.
  7. Media coverage will be considered based on the content, size, and purpose of the visit/performance. Media presence can distract from the children’s experience and may limit participation. Any media requests must be approved and arranged by the NSLIJ Public Relations Department at least a week in advance . All media invitations or press releases must be coordinated with the hospital’s Public Relations Department at (267) 426-6072 at least a week in advance.
  8. Due to staff availability at this time, we can accommodate special events at the following times: * Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday- Starting no earlier than 2:00 and ending no later than 4:00.
  9. Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY will not be responsible for any injuries or loss of personal items or equipment/supplies while you are visiting.
  10. The Child Life and Creative Art Therapies Program has the right and responsibility to cancel or discontinue any performances or events that are deemed unsafe or inappropriate for the hospitalized children.
  11. Entertainers and volunteers attire must reflect the health system’s dress code. Therefore entertainers and volunteers may not wear:
    • Sandals, Slipper-type Shoes, or Flip - Flops
    • Logo T-Shirts with inappropriate slogans
    • Short Skirts; Skirts no more than 2” above the knee
    • Tank Tops, Low-Cut Tops, Tube Tops, or Exposed Tummies
    • Blue Jeans
    • Shorts or Cutoff Pants
    • Sweat Pants or Exercise Clothes
    • Biking Apparel or Leggings

Things to keep in mind during your visit:

  • Please respect the patient/family rights for privacy and make every effort to avoid sensitive topics. Refrain from asking questions about medical conditions, family situations, treatment protocol, prognosis, or plans for going home. Instead focus on a child’s favorite music, toys, colors, etc.
  • Approach children slowly and quietly. Allow the children to decide to what extent they wish to interact with you. If the child shows any resistance in greeting you, do not persist (and don’t take it personally).
  • Engaging children in conversation about their interests and activities helps to create a successful event for donors and the children and their families.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask the event coordinator or Child Life staff members if you have any concerns or questions during the event.
  • We hope you enjoy your visit at Cohen Children’s Medical Center of NY. As one of our valued supporters, you are participating in helping us help our hospitalized children, something for which the staff, our patients, and their families are truly grateful.

Special Event Application Form

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