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Family Centered Rounds


Be an active member of your child's care team

At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, children come first in everything we do. Our physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals understand children’s special needs and that caring for children is best accomplished through family-centered care.

Children need their families, especially when they are sick or hospitalized. In turn, having a child in the hospital is extremely difficult, families need to see their children receive the best possible care and often, families can help with that care.

We know that families are an integral part of their child’s care team and we invite and encourage families to join our team through Family Centered Rounds. Each day, families and medical professionals will meet together to review the child’s progress, establish a goal for the day and also discuss discharge goals. We can then answer questions, listen to the families concerns and provide open and honest communication.

A child’s care team includes:

  • Patient
  • Family
  • Attending Physician – Hospitalist
  • Residents, Interns, Medical Students
  • Nurses
  • Other health professionals involved in child’s care (social worker, case manager, child life specialist, etc)

At Cohen Children’s Medical Center, we are committed to providing exceptional, family-centered care to our patient’s and their families.

Family Centered Rounds Video

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