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Pediatric Grand Rounds Online - Cohen Children's Medical Center


ACCESS TO OnLine Version of Pediatric Grand Rounds
(Regular Scheduled Series)

We are pleased to announce that members of the pediatric voluntary staff who are unable to attend the live Pediatric Grand Rounds may access an audiovisual recording of the Grand Rounds presentation online.

In order to receive CME credit for this online version, participants need to take a ‘post test’ (5 questions on the content) and receive a grade of 80% (4 out of 5 answers correct).


1.    Log onto  
2.    Click “Register” at the top of the page on the right hand side
3.    Under “Organization Information”, choose ‘Cohen Children’s Medical Center’ from the
       dropdown menu
4.    Complete the required “User information”
5.    For Module, choose “RSS”  (RSS stands for “Regular Scheduled Series” – the new
       name for Grand Rounds)
6.    Leave the Registration Key blank
7.    Check the “Terms and Conditions” box
8.    Click submit
9.    You should immediately see a screen that says that your account has been created
10.  You can click the: ‘Click here to login’ link and begin using the online version of
        Pediatric Grand Rounds.
11.  Click on “Available Courses”
12.  Under Select Course Topic, choose “Pediatric Grand Rounds” from the dropdown 
13.  Click “Start Course”


1.   You can only work through one topic at a time
2.   When you complete the presentation, click on “Go to Questions”
3.   Answer the 5 questions.  A passing grade of 80% (4 correct out of 5) is required in
      order to  receive CME credit for each lecture session.
4.   When you have competed the questions, click on “Click here to begin survey” to
       provide feedback
5.   You can view your competed courses and download your certificates attesting to the
      completion of the course.
6.   CME credits will only be issued at the end of the academic year



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