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Our History


In the early 1960's, Long Island, stretching from New York City through Nassau and Suffolk counties, was changing from a small rural population into a rapidly expanding suburban center. As the population continued to grow, it became clear that there was a critical need for a dedicated children’s hospital located right here on Long Island.

Recognizing this need was the easy part. At a time of severe government cutbacks and a freeze on hospital construction, it took ten long years of negotiation to gain the necessary approvals. Many dedicated people were deeply involved in creating the Steven and Alexandra Cohen Children's Medical Center: the Long Island Jewish Center Board of Trustees, its administration, professional staff and a group of concerned parents. These parents, as well as pediatricians and health-minded civic leaders, organized the Children's Medical Fund of New York (CMFNY). Recognizing the excellence of the large pediatric department located at Long Island Jewish Medical Center, the Children's Medical Fund joined forces with LIJ Medical Center to work toward the goal of building a hospital for the total care of children.

In November 1983, the 154-bed, Cohen Children's Medical Center (known as Schneider Children’s Hospital until March 2010) opened its doors. Today, our facility provides the community with nearly 600 affiliated pediatricians, including 160 full-time staff physicians, and over 500 nurses. Proudly, our mission of excellence continues.

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